Ties de Blij

Exposed to many forms of art during childhood in the Netherlands, Ties found his life's passion early on. Quickly developing an addiction for museums of modern art, he embarked on many journeys leading to friendships and cooperation with artists all over the world. Being a pure autodidact, Ties is constantly looking, trying to see. He is turned on by the notion that true beauty is in the imperfection.

As an artist, Ties is often labeled an abstract expressionist. He loves to experiment with unconventional techniques that come about spontaneously, and that typically involve the element of chance. Over the last decade and a half, Ties has created hundreds of art works, predominantly paintings, but also wearables like shoes, bags, as well as wooden objects and short film. Ties' paintings are part of corporate and private collections in the US, the UK, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, New Zealand and China.

In 2012, true love drove Ties to move from Amsterdam to Marblehead, Massachusetts, where he currently resides with a smile.


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